Sunday, 18 April 2010

Birthday party treasure hunt


We had a birthday party yesterday for nine 8-year old boys and girls. The theme was "Pirates Go Wild" and we took full advantage of the online Instant Treasure Hunt game. We made 6 different clues for each of the 3 teams (used colored armbands to identify the different "crews", labeled them "Blue Bandit Clue #2", etc.) and it went great!

I bought flags, blow-up swords, bandanas, pencils, stickers, "gold" coins, candy, and little clue sets at Diddams (see attached pictures).

The best part happened as each of the teams finished, then went to help the other teams before getting the last clue and shovels with little flags attached. (They had to find the apple tree and figure out that the big flag marked the spot to dig up the treasure box all together.) The kids then divided up the "loot" themselves as their party favors.

I loved the idea of the different puzzles and stations but didn't have other adult helpers and would definitely have needed them to make that work.

Nadja Jackson, California, USA

More details on a great Instant Treasure Hunt using Riddles here

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